cPanel price increase and how it will affect you?

First of all, the new pricing in this post only affects our customers using our VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server services. We have already reached out to our Reseller hosting customers regarding the cPanel price increase. Our Cloud Hosting customers are not affected by this.

Price increase for cPanel licenses

Starting on 1 September, cPanel will only offer its licenses on an account basis.

Until recently, cPanel customers could purchase a VPS license for £16.58/month and Dedicated license for £37.31/month directly from cPanel store, with which they could have an unlimited number of accounts on cPanel.

IMPORTANT: cPanel has changed the way they name their plans now. VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated is now Metal.

HostXNow used to include cPanel for free with all HostXNow Managed VPS, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers, but due to the massive price increase from cPanel, HostXNow has had to update the offering. Instead, we will include the cPanel Solo Cloud/Metal license at no extra cost for all of our Managed VPS, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server services. The cPanel Solo license allows you to host 1 (one) cPanel account.

From now on, prices will be based on the number of accounts.

You can check cPanel’s new pricing below:

LicenseNo. of accountsPrice / month
cPanel Solo Cloud(up to 1 Accounts)£ 12.32
cPanel Admin Cloud(up to 5 Accounts)£ 16.60
cPanel Pro Cloud(up to 30 Accounts)£ 24.90
cPanel Premier Cloud(up to 100 Accounts)£ 37.35
cPanel Premier Metal(up to 100 Accounts)£ 37.35
cPanel Premier Cloud & Metal(Bulk Accounts over 100)£ 0.17

which works out to the following:

LicenseNo. of accountsPrice / month
cPanel 1up to 1£ 12.32
cPanel 5up to 5£ 16.60
cPanel 30up to 30£ 24.90
cPanel 100up to 100£ 37.35
cPanel 200up to 200£ 54.35
cPanel 300up to 300£ 71.35
cPanel 400up to 400£ 88.35
cPanel 500up to 500£ 105.35
cPanel 600up to 600£ 122.35
cPanel 700up to 700£ 139.35
cPanel 800up to 800£ 156.35
cPanel 900up to 900£ 173.35
cPanel 1000up to 1000£ 190.35

Starting on 1 September, cPanel will only offer its licenses on an account basis. Therefore, HostXNow will also do the same from 1 September.

HostXNow is able to offer discounted rates.

HostXNow’s new licenses starting on 1 September 2019

LicenseNo. of accountsPrice / month
cPanel 1 (Cloud or Metal)up to 1FREE (worth £12.32/month)
cPanel 5 (Cloud)up to 5£ 15.00
cPanel 30 (Cloud)up to 30£ 20.00
cPanel 50 (Cloud)up to 50£ 25.00
cPanel 100 (Cloud or Metal)up to 100£ 32.00
cPanel 200 (Cloud or Metal)up to 200£ 47.00
cPanel 300 (Cloud or Metal)up to 300£ 62.00
cPanel 400 (Cloud or Metal)up to 400£ 77.00
cPanel 500 (Cloud or Metal)up to 500£ 92.00
cPanel 600 (Cloud or Metal)up to 600£ 107.00
cPanel 700 (Cloud or Metal)up to 700£ 122.00
cPanel 800 (Cloud or Metal)up to 800£ 137.00
cPanel 900 (Cloud or Metal)up to 900£ 152.00
cPanel 1000 (Cloud or Metal)up to 1000£ 167.00

We will automatically start charging you the additional license fee starting from 1 September 2019 going by the pricing information above. For this reason, we advise you to delete any cPanel accounts that are no longer in use before 1 September. If you are willing to delete enough of them, you will pay a lower price level.

If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to ask at [email protected]